The JFI Community Fund

Through the JFI Community Fund, we offers donors an opportunity to make their charitable dollars do the most good for the least expenditure of time and money.  Recipients receive help from many resources and JFI provides maximum tax benefits for donors and pledges to carry out their philanthropic intentions. 

 JFI exists to serve on a local, state, national, or international basis.  It helps to respond to long-standing as well as new and emerging local needs; acts as a catalyst, conveyer, and an implement in meeting emergencies; and can undertake most projects under its broad charitable mandate when following the guides of its by-laws and statutes set by governmental laws.  JFI is not a place to give money to, but a method and a purpose for giving.

 JFI is operated and controlled by its officers and a board of directors that have demonstrated abilities, knowledge, and experience in the matters of the nonprofit business.  All decisions for grants are made based on the guidelines established by the board of directors, the purpose of the grant, and the availability of funds.  Priority is given to the wishes of the donor and the administration of grants in a properly disbursed manner so as to maintain the Foundation’s tax exempt status.  Other considerations include:  Meeting the greatest needs in the most constructive way, generating flexibility, obtaining maximum tax advantages for the donor, and perpetuating a memorial or legacy.  It is the intent of JFI to provide simplicity in gift-making while providing diverse and creative methods in the donor’s giving.

 The value and advantages of giving is offered in various ways.  The opportunity for tax savings, consideration of appreciated values, memorials, income for life in Charitable Remainder Trusts, designated gifts, restricted gifts, and gifts to field of interests.  In addition, JFI offers the support and research of other charities to validate the donor’s interest in those charities and their current status along with anonymity when desired.  Any philanthropic cause consistent with the purpose of JFI may be suggested in an effort to participate in the values and advantages presented in this program.

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