Caleb's Mission

“But because my servant Caleb has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly, I will bring him into the land he went to, and his descendants will inherit it.”
-Numbers 14:24

To encourage, love, and support parents during and after the burial process of children two and under.


  • Going to and setting up appointments with funeral homes, floral shops, churches, cemeteries, and other service appointments.
  • Connect current grieving family with a family that can mentor them through this process.
  • Connect grieving family with counseling services.
  • Get meals in the grieving family’s home at least three times a week for a month.
  • Help set up a Facebook or web page to keep family and friends connected.
  • Services such as cleaning, packing up baby’s things, financial help, and other services may be offered if available and needed. 

If you would like to make a donation to the Caleb Mission, click our Donate button enter "Caleb's Mission" in the description line.

From the Director:

After going through losing my three-month-old nephew, I realized that there was plenty of help after the burial process was over but not during the worst time - the burial process it’s self. Seeing how paralyzed my sister and brother in-law were in all the appointments, I felt awful that they were having to come up with answers to questions no parent should have to answer. However, since God gave me the personality of stay calm now but fall apart later, I was able to help them gather information and talk them through the questions so they could truly answer these questions in a way that honored Caleb and the rest of the family. As hard as this was for our family, we had so much support from friends and family. I am establishing this organization because not everyone has the support system we have. This is the worst time in a parent’s life and I believe they should not go through it alone.

A Picture from Heaven

"I want to see a picture from heaven", says the best big brother a boy could have. His sweet mother responds, "I know son I do too but we will just have to wait." My heart breaks as I listen to this conversation and watch the tears fall from their eyes. "Daddy, I really miss Caleb, I want him down here". The answers to the questions seem so far away but soon the laughter begins as they share their grief with each other. A picture from heaven? We'll just have to wait. The love grows stronger and stronger as packages arrive. The newspaper is still delivered, nap time is still an argument, grass gets taller, trips to the park to feed the ducks still have to be taken and gas prices rise and fall. All of these things are symbols of life moving forward. A picture from heaven? We'll just have to wait. There is a piece missing that will only be replaced when Caleb is in our arms again. We don't forget. We don't move on. We simply allow the Earth to turn, seconds to go by and God to heal. A picture from heaven? We'll just have to wait. The road ahead is lit, the lamps have been placed upon our feet. The picture from heaven we all so desperately want to see is waiting for us. We will be allowed glimpses as we continue to watch Stephanie, Chris, but most of all Mason. They are the picture I long to see from Heaven. The love of Christ that dwells within them is what Caleb is immersed in right now. I was so blessed to have Caleb's smile and laughter fill my heart almost every day since he was born. Mason used to tell everyone who held Caleb "You have to leave Caleb here because I like him" We all prayed for Caleb to be healed but God is saying "You have to leave Caleb here because I like him" A picture from heaven? We'll just have to wait. Until then, a few words, a hug, a smile, is what we can offer each other. Caleb was born beautiful on March 6th but was born perfect on June 17th.